A woman owned, non-hazardous
liquid waste hauler.

Candace Broucher(1946-2013)

In Memory of

Candace Irene Broucher

who worked tirelessly to build J&R Services/JTB Recycling and was an active member of the Beaumont business community. A tough and fearless leader, she is missed greatly by her colleagues, friends and family.



In this age of environmental stewardship, you need to know you have a company like J&R Services that is designed to be...

Beneficial for your business
Beneficial for your community
Beneficial for your environment

  • BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS because we properly dispose of non-hazardous liquid waste and ensure you are in full compliance with strict removal and disposal regulations. Proper removal and disposal of liquid waste prevents overflows and keeps you safe from contamination.

  • BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR COMMUNITY. Protecting your business from liquid waste helps protect our surroundings — where we live and work; where our children play and grow.

  • BENEFICIAL FOR ENVIRONMENT. We are committed to protecting the environment today for our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

Protecting the environment now
to benefit our children today
and our grandchildren tomorrow.

J&R Services, your local business for liquid waste removal and grease trap cleaning.




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